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Our Work

Awarehouse Productions specializes in documentary, narrative, and classical music video production. We have partnered with many institutions and individuals throughout the DMV to help them tell their stories and showcase their talents. Get inspired with a selection of our productions below.

I, Too, Sing America

 A documentary series produced in partnership with the Cathedral Choral Society and Heritage Signature Chorale exploring both the enduring legacy of racism and the important contribution of African American music to American culture.

Continuing the Conversation

A series of intimate conversations in the manner of Charlie Rose or Inside the Actors Studio produced for St. John's College to showcase their special style of philosophic education.

We the People

Produced during the pandemic for Washington National Cathedral as a substitute for their hugely popular  annual Fourth of July celebration. The streams garnered nearly one million views across different platforms, and was described by WNC communications director as their "North Star" for all future productions.

Joy of Christmas

Another pandemic offering, featuring both live and virtual choirs, for the Cathedral Choral Society's biggest concert of the year that inspired one viewer to gush, "I'm 'almost' glad we have social distancing" for getting to experience the beauty of this music in such a special way.

Manager of the Year

A short film written and directed by Jeremy Sheeler about an embattled baseball manager fighting both for his job and for his legacy. Based loosely on the life of Julius Caesar, it explores timeless themes of power, passion, and public perception.

Silent Sorrow

A music video filmed at Crane Estate, MA for the forthcoming album Jane Austen Songbook by soprano Elissa Edwards. It tells the story of unrequited love and longing amidst a natural setting that bespeaks the pain and sorrow of its protagonist.

Seamingly Obvious

A fundraising pitch video for the blog Binkies and Briefcases in the hopes of expanding their mission and reach after the unexpected success of a viral post. Created in conjunction with world class production house Percepto Studios.

The Penelope Project

A series of live music performances by soprano Heather Fetrow and pianist Mila Henry kicking off a project inspired by the character Penelope from Homer's Odyssey to illuminate the contributions of women to the arts today.

The Clouds (Essais)

A proof of concept trailer for a feature script written and directed by Jeremy Sheeler. The film is a romantic dramedy exploring the dislocation of the individual in the modern world through the relations of love and friendship.

Beethoven @250

A short concert by Cathedral Choral Society celebrating the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth with a collection of lesser known, but extremely powerful selections from the master's repertoire.

O Holy Night

The spirit of Christmas comes alive through jazz and gospel music and readings from Holy Scripture in this production of WNC's annual Gospel Christmas concert produced during the pandemic.

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